Whispering Rock Jewelry

Artist Bio: Robert Flesch

Robert G. Flesch was born in West Milwaukee Wisconsin and lived there until he joined the USAF. During his 20 year career as a Marksmanship instructor in the USAF he traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe and settled in Montana upon retiring. While in the USAF during his time off Robert dabbled in various types of art forms: oil painting, pottery, lapidary, and basic jewelry fabricating to name a few. After 30 years of living in Montana Robert returned to his roots, moved back to Wisconsin, went back to school and pursued his love of fabricating jewelry.

In 1996 Robert's soon to be wife asked him to design and make a wedding and engagement ring for her and this began his career in jewelry design and fabrication. People noticed the unique style on his wife's rings and began asking if he could create a custom piece of jewelry for them. Robert started creating custom pieces for friends and family and more private commissions followed. During the process of creating individualized pieces of jewelry Robert works hand in hand with his clients to create custom pieces.

During Robert's early years of lapidary he shopped for settings in catalogs and fairs looking for something unique to set his beautiful polished stones but was very disappointed in the quality and styles offered. Robert made the decision to return to school. In 1998 he went back to school at Milwaukee Area Technical College to learn metalsmithing so that he could create beautiful and unique settings for his polished and cut stones. Robert had found his passion and has been selected to enter his pieces in the Student Art Exhibit at the Lakefront Festival of the Arts, for the last 5 years. Robert taught himself to sketch his designs using art, architecture nature and life to draw from for his unique settings. In 2005 Robert began displaying his jewelry pieces at the Jewelry Mechanic in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin which gave his work exposure to a large variety of clientele. 

Robert is currently launching a new line of jewelry inspired by art nouveau techniques for the silver settings to enhance the beauty of the polished stones and semi precious stones to make these pieces truly one of a kind and will display and sell them exclusively at The Jewelry Mechanic.