Custom Design

Custom Design is appropriate when the exactly right piece of jewelry, to commemorate a special event in your life, cannot be found. Sometimes a person knows exactly what they want other times they just have a feeling. We are excited to work with our clients to develop a design that fits both the occasion and their lifestyle. We work with all precious metals and have resources world wide for the finest gemstones and diamonds. Once the design process is complete it moves to our workshop where our metalsmiths will finely handcraft your special piece of jewelry.


Remodeling starts with your old jewelry and new idea. When jewelry is out of style it can be transformed into something completely different and unique. This process is often used when family jewelry is inherited and outdated. The wonderful thing about precious metal and gemstones is they can always be reused and turned into something beautiful. Sometimes a full remodeling isn’t necessary and just adding a little metal, a few new colored gemstones or diamonds is all you need.

Full Remodel made from her mom and dad’s rings

Updated Remodel with family diamonds added to ring

Jewelry Restoration

Antique Restoration is not something just anyone can do. The process of rebuilding broken filigree or finding a perfect match to gemstones no longer available is not easy. We love it. The challenge of restoring beauties of the past is one of our many talents.

Before                                                          After


Gemstone & Diamond Repair & Replacement

Stone Repair/ Replacement is available for damaged or missing gemstones in a piece of jewelry. Most chipped or broken stones can be recut or repolished to restore their original brilliance. We work directly with stone cutters and dealers, therefore, if the stone cannot be salvaged it can be replaced.

The damaged stone on the left was the original from the antique restoration shown above. The two stones on the right were cut to match and fit the mounting to restore it’s original splendor.


Gemstone & Diamond Setting

Stone Setting is available on site by our master setter. Whether replacing a missing stone or adding new stones we do it all. 

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Pearl/Bead Restringing is done on site. Pearls can be color matched for add-a-pearl necklace and bracelets. Beaded necklaces can be taken apart and remodeled or simply restrung. 

Sterling Silver Service

Sterling Silver Service pieces such as coffee and tea servers, creamers and sugar bowls, and serving trays often show the use of wear and tear of many years.  Broken hinges, handles, and finials can be restored or replaced. We also offer silver polishing service. 

Appraisal Services 


Repairs & Restoration

Ring Sizing Head Replacement
Prong & Tip Repair    Bezel Replacement
Chain Repair     Clasp Replacement
Adjustable Shanks    Cracked Shanks
Gem & Diamond Setting   Diamond Replacement
Bails Gemstone Replacement
Earring Repair Tennis Bracelet Repair
Earring Conversion Cleaning and Polishing
Jump Rings Class Ring Sizing
Watch Batteries  Colored Stone Jewelry
Watch Pins (bands)    Gold Jewelry
Pin Stem Assembly    Platinum Jewelry
Safety Chains and Catches   Palladium Jewelry
Laser Welded Repair    Sterling Silver Jewelry    
Broken Thingys Cracked Doodley Bobs
Sizing bars/bumps    "U" Rings
*All repairs done on site by real humans
**Quotes cannot be given over the phone. All jewelry must be looked at by a goldsmith before an estimate is given.
*** We do not repair watches

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